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Our Next Event:
    Saturday April 28 8pm - Fire starts when dark  
Ceremonial bonfire to please the gods and spirits!
For them to watch over us and keep us safe for the year to come.
No pets!
Our Last Event:
    Sunday October 1  

WOW what to say, except THANK YOU!

Mother Earth was shining apon us! It was a gorgeous 59degrees and sunny.
Thank you to everyone that attended our event and for all of your support!

We learned a thing or two on this event and we will be making changes to hopefully will improve everyones experience at our runs.

Hope everyone had a bowl of Chili before it ran out.

Thank you again for your support!



A HUGE THANK YOU to our Sponsors!!!
Your donations helped make this fund raiser event successful.
List of Sponsors in no particular order:

Concord Detail Cheap Chollies Bond's Meats, Inc.,

Big D Tattoos @
Roadhouse Tattoos

Blue Moon Septic
Memory of
David Nowak
What's New!!!
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  • 2017 Field Events are coming up!
  • 06/17 Kids Charity Run!
  • 2017 Kids Charity Run is coming up!
  • 05/29 - Road + Parking + Cooking at Sprague Brook Park for Memorial Day
  • 05/13 - Work Day
  • we are starting to look for sponsors and donations for our June 17 Kids Charity Run
  • 2017 Poker Run is coming up!
  • 2017 Bonfire!
  • 2017 Events are Listed!