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Our Next Event:
    Saturday April 29 8pm - Fire starts when dark
Ceremonial bonfire to please the gods and spirits!
For them to watch over us and keep us safe for the year to come.
Our Last Event:
    Sunday October 2  
This was one of the better Chili Runs we have had of lately. Thank you all for your support. Mother Nature didn't know what to do, some had hail, we had rain, and we had sun. 57degrees in October and the Bills won, mircles do happen. lol.
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  • 2017 Events are Listed!
  • 2016 Chili Run
  • 2016 Field Events
  • Work Day
  • 2016 Kid's Charity Run
    Was a success!!!
  • 2016 Kid's Charity Run
    Is in the works!!! Benefit "Warm the Children"

  • May 2016 Poker Run
    "Mother Nature" was not kind to us (it was coudy, cold, crazy windy with moments of rain).

  • April 2016 Huge Bonfire
    Awesome night. Weather was cooperated, it was a bit cold but that was it.
    Great night to hang out with friends and family.
  • Jan 1 2016 - Happy New Year!